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We are ideal contact for foreign purchasing agents, fereign government procurement

INTERBYTE is your central point and source for all USA made products and services. We eliminate risk, save you time and money. We are ideal contact for foreign purchasing agents, fereign government procurement and foreign educational and scientific institutions. You can consolidate all your purchases with us. We eliminate language barriers. You talk directly to company owners instead of going thru lenghty and complicated telephone menu systems. We have the same people for over 15 years and the same clients stayed with all this time. We have room for few more clients. We are a technology export company established in 1989. We specialize in providing a total solution to select few clients. For commercial businesses, we provide computer, telecommunications, hardwate and software products.For educational and medical institutions, we provide a full range of scientific test equipment, instrumentation, chemicals, supplies and laboratory products for research and analysis. (Oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, A/D boards, sensors, software etc...)In addition, we offer a full range of products for military (army, air force, navy), defense and police organizations; including firearms, spare parts, hardware, software, electronics, radar, laser, telecommunications, defense, GPS, night vision, mine-clearing, satellite systems and subsystems. Most of our clients are distributors, government agencies, universities, hospitals, research institutes (civilian and military) and educational institutions in USA, South America, Europe and Africa. Also: UNESCO, UN, World Bank, EBRD and other multinational agencies.